NamKhan Ecolodge
Ban Donkeo, Luang Prabang,
06000 Laos
Phone: +856 (0)30 999 7327

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Meet the Team of The Namkhan

The Namkhan Managers

Alexis Savigny – General Manager

Alexis has been working in the hospitality industry and property development for 10 years, with a focus on hotel operations in South East Asia. During this time, he has been in charge of managing a variety of hotels, from small boutique accommodations to 5-star luxury resorts. He has had the pleasure of working in multiple countries across the region, including Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

In Laos, Alexis has been involved in the development of several properties, from scouting potential sites to assisting with the design process. He has also been responsible for the implementation of best practices and the training of staff. In Myanmar and Thailand, he has overseen the management of multiple properties, dealing with the day-to-day operations as well as long-term strategies.

Alexis has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, from understanding customer needs and expectations to developing marketing and sales plans. His skills also include expertise in budgeting and financial management, as well as the ability to design and implement effective training and coaching programs.

Joan Pons
Gardens & Farm Manager

Originally from Mallorca, Spain, Joan has been working in The Namkhan since 2018. Joan expands his knowledge day by day working on the farm, following the path of love whilst spreading health and truth.

He is a master in “marge”, the ancient technique of building dry stone walls, and takes care of the landscape and pathways of the property. He is also an enthusiast and expert in another ancient technique, Qi Gong and Chinese Traditional Medicine; he is our resident Qi Gong teacher, offering private and group lessons.

Yang Sheng Chi Kung

Dao Yin Chi Kung or Qi Gong, is a gentle physical healing exercise from Traditional Chinese Medicine that protects and improves your health and wellbeing. Like Tai Chi, Qigong is an ancient Chinese calisthenic exercise (bodyweight strength training) that combines graceful, stretching movements with slow, measured breathing.

The goal of practising Chi Kung is to cultivate the flow of qi (life force) within our body along the energy centres (meridians) to promote health or healing combined with stretching and strengthening of muscles and joints. Research has shown that these exercises effectively reduce stress and anxiety, in addition to protecting against disease, ageing and mental health problems.

Each session begins with a warm-up, then a few movements are presented in detail and practised together, before closing with a stretching routine.

The Namkhan Team Members

Longlee – Activity Manager

Originally from Hmong ethnic group, Longlee studied agriculture at Luang Prabang University. After his studies, he worked as a tour guide learning about rice cultivation and welcoming foreigners to his country, Laos, for several years. Longlee works as an Activity Manager at The Namkhan and is a perfect guide for farm tours, bamboo weaving workshops, and kayaking or tubing trips, providing the best experience.

Ngern – Farm Manager & Farm Team

Originally from the South of Laos, Ngern joined our team in 2020. Ngern studied agriculture in southern Laos and came to Luang Prabang to work on our farm and learn different techniques from our foreign agronomists. Ngern specialises in organic vegetable cultivation and is passionate about plants and vegetables. She ensures that our vegetable beds are planted on time so you can enjoy our organic dishes. Ngern is also in charge of distributing vegetables to our partners in the city and selling them to the organic markets.

Bounlerd – Accountant Admin Manager

Of Khamu origin, Bounlerd is the right hand of our GM and has been working in the hotel industry for more than 8 years. His passion for numbers and computers led him to specialise in the accounting and administration department. Bounlerd started as a waiter, then as a receptionist, and is now our Accountant Admin Manager. With exceptional intelligence, he also listens well to guests and will be happy to welcome and assist you during your stay at The Namkhan.

Phonexai – Lao Chef

Phonexai is our Lao Chef and the main Chef at The Namkhan. He is from the Luang Prabang province and has more than 7 years of experience in the restaurant business. He started with us in 2019 and worked his way up the ladder with his creativity, tenacity and passion for cooking. Dedicated to bringing you fresh, quality food, Phonexai manages our Farm to Table Restaurant for the pleasure of your taste buds.

Visiting Staff Members

Estella Llabres – Yoga Instructor

Estella dedicated her entire life to studying, learning and teaching movement. Estella is a Pilates instructor, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis trainer. Estella completed the 500th Yoga Advanced Training and went deeper into the studies of Nidra Yoga. She travelled to Asia frequently to learn massage techniques and now specialises in Thai massage, postural yoga and more. Estella combines all her knowledge and brings her expertise to provide a fulfilling wellness experience.

The Namkhan Sales and Marketing

Alexandra Lochmatter – International Sales and Marketing

Alexandra brings two decades of experience in hospitality and holistic wellbeing to The Namkhan. With a focus on retreats and group travel, she leverages her skills in fostering international connections and delivering exceptional experiences. Alexandra also speaks multiple languages, which further enhances her ability to connect and communicate with a diverse range of individuals.

Piyanut (Oil) Chuaymuang – Sales Manager

Oil has over a decade of experience in hospitality, sports, and health and wellness tourism. Oil excels in managing travel agents and in expanding the network of agents, establishing partnerships with those having direct connections in markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. Her expertise and experience in assisting with group bookings and retreat organising make her an invaluable resource to The Namkhan.

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