The Namkhan Resort
Ban Donkeo, Luang Prabang,
06000 Laos
Phone: +856 (0)30 999 7327

El Pez

A luang prabang man laying on a bed with a stuffed animal.

El Pez is a highly talented urban artist and a trailblazer of Barcelona Street art, known for his character, ‘smiling fish.’ His art is not only discovered on buildings and walls across the world but also in many prominent art galleries, spanning from classic graffiti to experimental pop art. Through his vibrant and colourful compositions, he spreads positivity and smiles worldwide. El Pez’s alter ego, the ever-smiling fish, is a recurring motif in all of his creations. Today, El Pez is a must-reference when it comes to urban art, with his work appearing in the most important books of Street Art: ‘Street Logos,’ ‘Ultimate Street Art,’ ‘The Art of Rebellion,’ and many more.

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