The Namkhan Resort
Ban Donkeo, Luang Prabang,
06000 Laos
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Tiger Body, Buddha Mind Retreat with Cain Carroll

Cain Carroll Mind retreat at the Namkhan resort

Date: 23 – 30 November, 2024

Are you looking for a unique retreat that guides you through an effective process of rewiring the body, heart, and mind for secure attachment, vitality, and greater joy? Join us for this one-week, in-depth retreat with Cain “Caiyam” Carroll in the spiritual city of Luang Prabang, Laos. Here, you’ll explore the ancient animistic roots of Asian Wisdom Traditions through Qigong, Buddhist meditation, and Five Elements attachment work.

In this retreat, you’ll learn the 24 sacred movements of the Shamanic Tiger Qigong Form, a uniquely powerful practice that will initiate you into a journey of awakening, healing, and empowerment. Through this week-long process, you’ll discover a more vivid relationship with yourself, others, and the living natural world.

When we heal our attachment wounds, we can cultivate deeper connections and healthier patterns of how we relate to our own inner parts and the world around us. Your expert guide, Cain “Caiyam” Carroll, will support you in regulating your nervous system and healing attachment-based traumas, laying the foundation for healthy relationships and emotional well-being. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to train in EMei sage style of shamanic qigong, dynamic meditation, and other transformative practices for your spiritual awakening. All levels are welcome!

Location: NamKhan Ecolodge, Luang Prabang, Laos

Cain Carroll Mind retreat at the Namkhan resort

Practitioner Profile: Kamala, Teacher of Yoga and Non Duality

Delve into Deep Practice and Experience Spiritual Awakening and Healing

This is more than “an experience.” Your retreat is a safe and supportive container for deep practice and radical transformation. Here, you will build fresh and self-empowered habits that will become a life-long practice. 

  1. The 24 Movements of the Shamanic Tiger Qigong Form

Learn the 24 Movements of the Shamanic Tiger Qigong Form—a rare set developed by ancient Daoist sages—that involves energy attunement, spiraling movement, mind training, breathwork, and a deepening of your spiritual connection to universal energy.


  1. Soul Time 

Experience the power of ritual in a sacred container. This is a safe space for you to drop in and remember how to source your energy from the brightness of your own soul.


  1. Attachment Healing

Explore the Animist-Daoist-Buddhist viewpoint on healthy relationships and secure attachment.


  1. Trauma Healing

An introduction to the powerful link between Five Phase Energetics (Five Elements), trauma healing, and secure attachment.


  1. Asian Shamanic Traditions 

Engage in the practices of primordial movement, mudra, and energy-based meditation within a space that supports your healing and growth in multiple dimensions.


  1. Spirituality Companionship

Connect with other amazing participants from around the globe in a circle of mutual support. Receive blessings and guidance from local Buddhist monks through temple ceremonies and spiritual friendship.

Group Size: 20 Persons

Cain “Caiyam” Carroll

Caiyam is a deeply experienced teacher, author, and coach who has a lifelong passion for radical self-healing and embodied spirituality. He has been a student of Asian wisdom traditions since age 13 and has received guidance from master teachers in India, China, Thailand, Tibet, and Nepal in the core practices of pre-colonial Yoga, Shamanic Qigong, Buddhism, Daoism, and Classical Chinese Medicine. He leads in-depth trainings and retreats globally and is bringing his rich background to Luang Prabang, Laos.


What You’ll Get

  • Accommodation at The Namkhan for 7 nights.
  • Full Board for 7 days (breakfast, lunch, dinner included).
  • Round-trip transportation from the airport to the hotel is included.
  • 7  days immersing yourself in a stunning natural paradise.
  • A deeply enriching experience with Cain Carroll as your guide.
  • A safe space with like-minded individuals.
  • Free WiFi internet access is available in the restaurant and reception areas.
  • Complimentary water refill from your water bottle refill at your disposal in the room.
  • Complimentary coffee/tea-making facilities are provided.
  • Complimentary access to the outdoor gym, swimming pool, and organic farm.
  • Complimentary usage of the yoga platform is subject to availability.



Explorer Tent

  • Single: USD 1,985
  • Twin: USD 1,430

Namkhan Tent

  • Single: USD 2,425
  • Twin: USD 1,800

Namkhan Suite

  • Single: USD 2,585
  • Twin: USD 1,885

Namkhan Deluxe

  • Single: USD 1,985
  • Twin: USD 1,430


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