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A scenic view of the Huay Xai river in Bokeo Province, Laos, dotted with charming houses along its banks.

Huay Xai City of Bokeo Province in Laos

The beautiful city of Huay Xai is the capital of the province of Bokeo. As with most other famous places in Laos, it is also located on the banks of the Mekong River. Spending just a day in the city allows you to experience the full benefits of the legendary recesses.

Brief Introduction to Huay Xai City in the Bokeo Province of Laos

Huay Xai is known as Houeo Sai or Houay Xai and is located on the banks of the mighty Mekong River, Laos which also borders Thailand. Most travelers and visitors to the city treat Huay Xai as a stopover to different destinations. However, the place is also a suitable venue for recesses in Laos.

For people who need to find peace and serenity for a day, Huay Xai in Bokeo province is the perfect destination to do it because all the relaxing and calming places that are visually captivating can be seen by foot in just a day.

Relaxing Things to Do in Huay Xai City of Bokeo Province in Laos

One of the things to try to look for in the area is Ban Khao Pun, which is famous for its ‘kanom jeen’ or rice vermicelli. The Kanom Jeen made in Ban Khao Pun village is exported to Chiang Kong, across the Thai border. Another relaxing thing to do in Huay Xai is visiting the Ban Tom Lao, which is a name that translates directly to ‘brew-comes’. This is a village known for its rice fields and alcohol which are prepared in the town. Another attraction in the village is Ban Yong Hin, which is a form of mobile home structure that is made of wood. It’s nothing short of incredible to see the people create and build the house using wooden stakes-placed on a stone to prevent damage by termites and moisture erosion of the wood.

Structure and Temple in Huay Xai City of Bokeo Province in Laos

Another destination you shouldn’t miss out on is Fort Carnot in Huay Xai. It’s a French style structure used by Lao troops. The unusual structure is situated on top of a hill, so it’s easily visible from the other side of the mighty Mekong River. Moreover, the Jom Khao Manilat Temple built in 1880 according to the Shan style is also an ideal place for a recess. The vibrant color bears resemblance to religious sites and structures in Jakarta. It’s a truly breathtaking and must-see site for visitors.

Restaurant in Huay Xai City of Bokeo Province in Laos

The restaurants in the town of Huay Xai blends Laotian, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines and includes a wide variety of dishes and seafood. Some of the popular choices include curries, fried prawn cakes, and yam soup.

For food lovers, Huay Xai is at the top of the list of places to visit. It’s also worth noting that while enjoying the food around Laos, it’s common to see people drinking a popular alcoholic beverage called Lao-Lao, a liquor that’s easy to find here. It’s a Laotian whiskey and a staple drink of Lao people, together with Beerlao.

Talat Sao in Huay Xai City of Bokeo Province in Laos

The conventional market known as Talat Sao can be found everywhere in Laos. Whether it’s in Vientiane, Luang Prabang or anywhere in the country, you can find Talat Sao, which is an ideal place to look for souvenirs and gifts.

Exciting Experiences in Huay Xai City of Bokeo Province in Laos

The Gibbon Experience is an unmissable attraction around the tropical forest area of Huay Xai City. The houses built on trees serve as an exotic form of accommodation that gives you an unforgettable experience. There is also a New Challenge Discovery that will be exciting. For more relaxing experiences, Huay Xai, Laos features top salons that offer relaxing and rejuvenating massage services which you can enjoy while drinking some tea. An exciting and bright idea is to get a tuk-tuk and then enjoy Huay Xai to the fullest.

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