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Wat Si Saket, a temple in Laos, stands tall with its majestic pillars against the backdrop of a serene blue sky.

Wat Si Saket in Laos

Believed to be the Vientiane’s oldest surviving Wat in Laos, Wat Si Saket is known for its charming beauty. It’s a temple famous for its cloister wall and it also features thousands of small images as well as a statue of a sitting Buddha.

Wat Si Saket-One of the Most Beautiful Temples in Laos

Wat Si Saket in Vientiane, Laos has earned its rank as amongst some of the most beautiful temples in the world by virtue of its architecture and layout. It’s without a doubt regarded as one of the Most Famous Temples in the country. Many art enthusiasts visit the temple to admire the astonishing sculptures and figurines created by the skilled craftsmen during the temple’s early years.

Brief History of Wat Si Saket in Laos

King Chao Anouvong, also known as King Sethathirath V, was the last monarch of Vientiane and ordered the building of Wat Si Saket between 1818 and 1824. This temple is the oldest original monastery in the country that survived many events up until now, including the 1838 war between the Siamese (Thai) and Lao (people from Laos). As such, this temple is nearing two centuries in age.

More than 6800 Buddha Images in Wat Si Saket Laos

Wat Si Saket is a temple in Vientiane that houses various tiny images and has rows of hundreds of seated Buddhas. In total, it has an estimated total of more than 6800 Buddha images. Though the Naga Buddha, which was styled by the Khmer, is slightly damaged, it is still a popular tourist attraction. In fact, it is one of the 10 Famous Attractions in Laos. The Buddha images surrounded by a cobra make it all the more interesting.

In Buddhism, the cobra symbolizes the Naga deity, which is an entrance guardian. All the images are made of wood, bronze, and stone. There is also a silver Buddha. These are featured in different sizes and textures and were made between the 16th and 19th century. Also, surrounding the temple are tropical fruit trees that make the atmosphere pleasant and scenic for tourists and visitors.

The Mix Styles of Lao and Thai Temple
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Other things to Witness in Wat Si Saket, Laos

Early in the morning, visitors go to Wat Si Saket to witness and take part in alms giving (giving food to the monks). Many residents also go to the temple to pray and give merit to their Lord Buddha. There is also great fascination amongst locals regarding the murals in the main building of the temple.

The palpably peaceful atmosphere of Wat Si Saket has earned it a reputation as one of the most famous temples in the country and has made it a truly special place for devotion and prayer.

Quick Tips for Wat Si Saket Visit in Laos

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